Bebek Garang.. Another diner!

Bebek Garang..
One of the best duck and chicken in bandung…
And their speciality is the chilli..
It so hot..u should be xtra carefull if u dont like hot..
Here is some of the menus




Its called ayam debus, kol goreng, and bebek 70

And here is the place



They serve games too so we can play while waiting..
Nice place!


A dream job for me?

I am about to contemplating my dream job…

It so hard for me to find a proper job..

A job which is suit my background education is not catching my eye..

it seems hard and boring..

and i am confused..

what is the best job for..

a married woman with no kids (yet) who like to watch movie, eat and shopping???

and travelling and blogging too…

oh i still in a deep contemplation about this…


Convertible Cars..Drool!!!

So..i was googling some convertible cars..

and it makes me drool!!

i guess most of men would like to drive and most women would love being in it..

here are some of the pictures of convertible from many sources on Internet..

(the pictures aren’t belong to me)

Ferrari California
Ferrari California

Woow.. convertible… It costs a fortune to buy any of it!!!

But who knows??


Blackberry Z10..The newest from RIM..

So..Yesterday Blackberry Z10 is launched over the world…

and it’s a huge breakthrough from Blackberry, I guess.

Some people say that Blackberry is so bold and stiff and boring…

But this one seems different, and more expensive…

I got the Spec from the is it..

Blackberry z10 spec and it's competitors
Blackberry z10 spec and it’s competitors


and here is the Blackberry Z10


Cool design, nice shape, and on and on…

So ladies..yay or nay?

Citroengrass Cafe

Another cafe..
I was here for my husband bdae..
It’s cozy and it..


Delicious foods and drinks..the red velvet on the picture is from kartika sari bakery. The best one i ever had. Special cake for special person isn’t it?

Bad booking time..

So, here what’s happen..

i booked a holiday ticket for April 2013 by Batavia Air (Indonesia airline company)

and today it turns out that the company is bankrupt..

hope i can get another least refund for my booking..

i hope this is work.. (how to refund the ticket in Indonesian Language)

Batavia Air Refund

i shall book another believable airline.. and knowing it’s condition..

a new lesson i got..

The Impossible (the movie-spoilers alert)


So i watched a cinema yesterday called “The Impossible”

It’s about a Tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004..

This reminds me, that the very related Tsunami happen in my country too, Indonesia.

Tsunami hit Aceh in 2004..and it relates to 15 many victims, so sad..

Okay..back to the Impossible..

The Impossible is a film that tells us about a family who spend holiday on Thailand. The family contains of a mom, dad, and three great boys. They spend their holiday on some resort called Orchid.

It’s a very beautiful place, and good holiday pick..but not at Christmas on 2004.

On December 26, 2004, A very huge wave came frome the sea and hit the land..Huge wave as we know as Tsunami. It swoop all the things and people near it, and made a big chaos.

Everyone is scared, everyone is crying, screaming, trying to run..

This very family is separated one to another..

the mother got very huge gash..and separate from his husband and 2 of his sons..

this film is gonna make u cry..a lot..(it did too me)

even though by some impossible way they (the family) find each other..

This is one of great film ever made..

and it’s based on true sorry..Cool One..

Ciwidey, Bandung..

I’d like to tell about one of my honeymoon package..

It’s on Ciwidey’s a lake on South Bandung, Indonesia..

It is very beautiful and clean up there..

But never think to swim’s forbidden! We just enjoy the scenery..

Nice place to refresh from our busy life, pre-wedding, or even honeymoon..

You’d like the weather clean..and oh yes..bring your’s clean but cold out there..

These are the photos..


(taken by Me and Mr. Guntara)

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