Chuck was one of the TV show originally aired on NBC. It’s about a man named Chuck Bartowski who work on Buy Moore (a big store) as an IT Guy. He were a Stanford student who expelled because of the things he did not do. Chuck was protected by CIA agent named Sarah Walker and NSA agent named John Casey because he is considered an asset to the country. The asset is a superpower harddrive which locates on his brain which he got accidently.

Chuck series has 5 (five) seasons from 2007-2012. It was almost cancelled on third season, but it’s incredible fans made it happen to the fifth season. Chuck genre is comedies, struggle, and drama. It’s hillarious yet still has meaning and fun to watch.

Chuck was played by Zachary Levi, a funny guy who like to joke (based on his twitter account) also a dubber from Tangled/ Rapunzel. The CIA agent was played by beautiful Yvonne Strahovski, an Australian actress who play on Killer Elite and I, Frankestein too. And John Casey was played by Adam Baldwin. Sarah Lancaster and Ryan McPartlin also reaccuring actor on Chuck. Matt Bomer also showed on some episodes.

I Iike Chuck because it made me laughed yet it made me cried too. I really like the first four seasons, but got a little bit dissapointed because of the fifth season is too short and didn’t end like i wanted, but still good though.

Here are some the pictures from chuck ( the photos arent belong to me, i got it from the chuck original and fan sites)


my score for chuck is 4,5 from 5

i don’t run, i stalk my prey
-John Casey


ReMo cafe

ReMo Cafe
Another cafe in Bandung, Indonesia. It is located in east bandung near to Itenas and gor c-tra.

ReMo stands for resep moyang (grandma recipe). It serves many types of food.. Indonesian, western, and noodles. We can have lunch or dinner there.. And if we are not too hungry, we can order snacks and cheap beverages.

ReMo opens daily on 10 am except friday.. In friday it opens on 1 pm. Most of Indonesians usually say the Friday prayer on friday, i guess that’s why it opens later.

My husband and i were having lunch there this noon.. And we order so many things. I ordered fried rice sausage.. My husband ordered blackpepper beef with rice. We also had grilled banana, tempe mendoan, and hot tea. And we are satisfied with the taste and the service there.

The place is quite traditional, the chairs and tables are made of wood. It feels so javanese there. And it has outdoor and indoor seat.. So we can choose what we like

I’ll give you some of the pictures i captured there








My score for ReMo cafe is 4,6 from 5..

good food for good life

Serial TV Parades

Another story of my life..
So i am curently unemployee, and i spent many times on my bed and around..
I can watch all the serial TV Indovision provides… They re run it like hundred times though..
I started follow some shows, but then i watch everythings..
Start from Chuck, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Person of Interest, Elementary, even I watch boring CSI..
People said TV make you dumb and dumber..but lets think positively..
I am Indonesian with bad English, and I learned and keep learning so many words and phrases from seriaL tv

Okay so I think someday soon, I’ll blog about the Serial TV completely…
I guess it is good to write something other than food and cafe, isnt it?

Do what you like, and make the best of it

Buildings..and my backstory..

A great things man can make nowadays,,
A building is something i like beside food, scenery, and cute cat photos. Yes only the photo of cats because i dont want to risk my body with toxo anymore. Later on that

So i was taking civil engineering major without knowing what it means. And i guess it didnt suit me. I was a stupid student.
So i tried to like it,, by searching about civil engineering manually (there arent google yet back then, so i just improvise to took a walk on the city.. Or another city)

When i went to Jakarta.. An Indonesian version of concrete building.. And i like what i saw. Buildings.

And that time i wanted to make one of it. But later after that, turned out if i want to design a great building.. I need to learn structure engineering deeply. And it was the hardest lesson i ever took. I was so stupid in it.. I asked my friends to teach me.. But it seems they way too smart and i was too dumb.

So i was suck on it i dont want to ruin my college things. I was not one of the greatest student in high school nor another schools like my friends were. Some of my friends were smart students, the others are smarter. I changed my will and my way.. I chose transport engineering.. It was a lot easier to take in that time.. Never knew transportation is so large and sometimes confusing. I learned how to make a good pavement, managing the traffix, and all of the transport engineering issues.
What was on my mind that time, even i cant build a good damn building, i could make a great access from a building to another ones. And apparently that is not an easy job too.

I graduated my bachelor degree with poor degree and continued to master degree on highway engineering with better gpa but more confuse.
Now i can apply to every companies which needs gpa more than 3,0 but apparently there are not so much company need transport engineer. And worse, i am a transport engineer with no ability.

So i am back to square one. I need to learn many things now, so someday i could do something, hope my age wont be a problem.

So now i just learn more, blog more, have fun, and sometimes searching great buildings on google.


youth or elder or anyone..

Live your life to the fullest

Siete Cafe

Siete Cafe
Siete means seven in Spanish.. And in my city is a cafe.

Another one in Bandung, located in Sumur Bandung Street.
Another nice place cafe to hang out.
The food, the place, the service..

The food.
It serves indonesian and western food. I tried my fav there.. It is chicken cordon bleu. They serve it nicely. There are 2 cut of chicken and french fries and garnish.. And it is delicious..


My husband ordered something else..a tenderloin.. He said it is delicious it is.


And the drinks..
They have quite kind of beverages.. I ordered frio lychee which is an ice tea with lychee flavor and my husband ordered hot chocolate. And it is good. Although my husband prefer hot choco in J.Co cause it has sweeter one.
Here are they and some of the menu part..




And also the place. It is quit comfy.. I took 2 photos so u can imagine..



It was my first experience there.. But i am certainly going back there.. Siete Cafe has served a tasty food, kind and quick service, quite clean, and i just really like it..

What i dont really like is it only has one toilet for ladies and i dont know how many they provide for men.. Bladder is important rite?

I guess i am gonna score it..based on me of course..

SieteCafe is 4,5 from 5

What do we want?

Everything changes
So do we. What we want what we like.
Which one do you prefer?

1. food


Do you like food?how much u like it?

2. brands


Sometimes we buy somethings with unreasonable prices just because the brand. A little writing in it.

3. money


We earn it we spent it then earn it again..and the cycle repeats.

4. a man?


A man who loves you for the rest of your life. The one who always be with u in your happiness and sadness..

Do you know what you want?will you choose one if u can’t have it all?
Do you know what you want?

sometimes we dont know what to choose, yet life is full of choices



Pangalengan, Bandung
Today my father took me to his farm in Pangalengan. It is in Bandung but so far away from home. It is a looooong and scary way to get there. But the journey quite worth it when we arrived Pangalengan. Clean air, natural scenery, big cows, pretty goats (seems weird, but ottawa type is quite pretty), people with basa sunda (a language i understand but i dont know how to use it), etc etc

My father is currently build a home here, so he and mom could use it privately.. The main purpose is the bathroom.. But my father didnt just build a bathroom he build a complete home. Sometimes i think about his desire.. I guess he wanted to be a structure engineer..or something like that. He built home in moh toha, than in haurgeulis than in baleendah than he built farm in pangalengan than the mosque and now build home again.

I dont know what to do in Pangalengan.. Internet connection isnt so good here.. I planned to sightseeing and walking in the farm, maybe take some pictures.. But was rain.. Surely this pangalengan get colder and colder..

And i end up here, blabbering on my blog which i dont know whether i can post it or not ( due to internet connection)

Its a nice day.

This is a nice day..
Started with stomachache..and breakfast and bought gift for mom (hepi bdae yesterday mom), and lunch, and sing badly on karaoke,chitchat with a brother,and watched spartacus back to back with my man..

Thank You,

Little White

I tried another cafe..
This place called little white..
Nice place with white interior inside…
It served appetizer main course and dessert..and some great beverages..
A cozy place to hang out..

This cafe located in jalan burangrang, bandung. Not far from gatot subroto street and buah batu.

I tried hot chocolate here..and i like it..
I’ll give u some pictures so u can imagine…




This is a nice place. I guess i just add one more cafe to my favourite it!

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