Pangalengan, Bandung
Today my father took me to his farm in Pangalengan. It is in Bandung but so far away from home. It is a looooong and scary way to get there. But the journey quite worth it when we arrived Pangalengan. Clean air, natural scenery, big cows, pretty goats (seems weird, but ottawa type is quite pretty), people with basa sunda (a language i understand but i dont know how to use it), etc etc

My father is currently build a home here, so he and mom could use it privately.. The main purpose is the bathroom.. But my father didnt just build a bathroom he build a complete home. Sometimes i think about his desire.. I guess he wanted to be a structure engineer..or something like that. He built home in moh toha, than in haurgeulis than in baleendah than he built farm in pangalengan than the mosque and now build home again.

I dont know what to do in Pangalengan.. Internet connection isnt so good here.. I planned to sightseeing and walking in the farm, maybe take some pictures.. But was rain.. Surely this pangalengan get colder and colder..

And i end up here, blabbering on my blog which i dont know whether i can post it or not ( due to internet connection)


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