Buildings..and my backstory..

A great things man can make nowadays,,
A building is something i like beside food, scenery, and cute cat photos. Yes only the photo of cats because i dont want to risk my body with toxo anymore. Later on that

So i was taking civil engineering major without knowing what it means. And i guess it didnt suit me. I was a stupid student.
So i tried to like it,, by searching about civil engineering manually (there arent google yet back then, so i just improvise to took a walk on the city.. Or another city)

When i went to Jakarta.. An Indonesian version of concrete building.. And i like what i saw. Buildings.

And that time i wanted to make one of it. But later after that, turned out if i want to design a great building.. I need to learn structure engineering deeply. And it was the hardest lesson i ever took. I was so stupid in it.. I asked my friends to teach me.. But it seems they way too smart and i was too dumb.

So i was suck on it i dont want to ruin my college things. I was not one of the greatest student in high school nor another schools like my friends were. Some of my friends were smart students, the others are smarter. I changed my will and my way.. I chose transport engineering.. It was a lot easier to take in that time.. Never knew transportation is so large and sometimes confusing. I learned how to make a good pavement, managing the traffix, and all of the transport engineering issues.
What was on my mind that time, even i cant build a good damn building, i could make a great access from a building to another ones. And apparently that is not an easy job too.

I graduated my bachelor degree with poor degree and continued to master degree on highway engineering with better gpa but more confuse.
Now i can apply to every companies which needs gpa more than 3,0 but apparently there are not so much company need transport engineer. And worse, i am a transport engineer with no ability.

So i am back to square one. I need to learn many things now, so someday i could do something, hope my age wont be a problem.

So now i just learn more, blog more, have fun, and sometimes searching great buildings on google.


youth or elder or anyone..

Live your life to the fullest


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