Rainbow Connection

I just listened to a song from bunheads series. I like the song.. And i searched the lyric and i didnt understand what it is.. But i cried.


I surely will find out what that song about.. But i guess it has a great meaning. I love it.

Credit to: stlyrics.com for the lyric


Me (Learning English Part 1)

My name is Lucky, I am 27 years old. My last education is Master from Highway Engineering. I worked as an engineer in Transport and Highway engineering Laboratory ITB. I used to deal with projects which are related to transport engineering. My last project is Pavement Evaluation in Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatera. In this project, we gather and analyze all the data needed like traffic, wim, pavement conditions. We used all the data to estimate the remaining life of the pavement, and recommend when will the proper time and method to fix it. There are routine maintenance, Periodic maintenance, or reconstruction based on the condition of the pavement. I used to prepare the technical document based on terms of reference, then after we got the project we begin to do it. I discuss the project with my colleagues and superiors, identify the project and all the things that connected to it then begin preparing the early report and presentation. Then we present it to the owner, accepted the comments and suggestions and continue our work. Some projects need field survey, some of us went to the field and gather all the data needed then we compile all the data and analyze. In the middle of the project we present the interim report then we present the final report in the end of the project based on schedule. Beside Jalintim project, I involved in another one like Composing of Traffic Safety for Highway Manual and NAASRA Standard and Procedure Manual.

Could u fix my grammar? I am despairing…

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