My first lesson

Good day!

What is your plan?

What is your purpose of life?

Many of you obviously heard this kind of questions. Sometimes it becomes more and more obnoxious, isnt it?

How about me?not that you’re asking but i just want to share mine.

I wanna be happy

Is that too much too ask?

And there so many steps i have to take to be happy.. so many ability i have to learn to reach my happiness goal

And now i am learning.. many things actually..

I learn to grow a plant

I learn to speak another language

I learn to cook

I learn to invest and sell

I learn to sew..

Okay.. i know thats so many, how could i? Well it better to knowing that i cant after trying than do nothing at all rite?

So sewing.. i am a terible sewer!! I made pants, pillow cover, little pouch, bags, but most of them is assymetrical. Its like a kindergarten kid try to do something. Sometimes i laughed sometimes i cried with my results. Sometimes i go to fast sometimes i take few steps back. Maybe its naive, but i just think i still have hopes. That is something i count on to this day. 

Okay i wanna share one of my sewing result here, 

That is a pillow cover. I know its simple and doesnt look good. But i try anyway. And i still learning now.

Keep learning, don’t stop trying.

The mentalist

The mentalist is one of us tv shows  played by Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. Its about a mentalist who lost his wife and child to a cruel serial killer because his bad words on media. Its a 7 seasons of great shows mostly about chasing bad guys with the most purpose is to revenge his wife and child death to Red John. 

at first i thought it just a typical tv shows, but when i dont have nothing to do, and binge watching this serial. And i was definetely hooked. Its a very good show i think, Baker and Tunney is a great actor. This is a recommended tv show, at least from me.


The mentalist

Cast: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang

Length: 7 seasons

Genre: police tv shows

Life on mars

Life on mars is my term to say live in somewhere i dont know. Its not that i dont know where i am now, it just i dont know what to do now. I am a lousy mother, a bad parent you might say i wont be offended because it’s kinda true. I am not earning anything, i just lean to my husband for life. 

I feel like a failure sometimes.

But i like to think i still have hope. Dont lose hope., thats all the people said right?

I want to believe that even on my age, i can still fight for my future. Is it okay?never late to learn and fight right? I have many wishes. I want to be a great mother, i want to be a good homecook, have a garden, great bussiness, great using sew machine, good in crocheting, at least able to speak on 5 languages, work in media or film, going to usa, going to mecca, understand microsoft project, have my own home and apartment, have spare car, can drive motorcycle, play the piano and guitar, study and work overseas, be happy. Could i accomplish all of them? So many of them. I can do everything right? Or am i just naive?

Nutella cakes

I learned something new today!! Making cakes!! 

Nutsprinkle cake by Lucky


– 3 eggs

– 20 tablespoons of sugar

– 2 tablespoons of oil

– 7 fullspoon of wheat

– nutella and sprinkles for the top


This is super easy!!!

– mix the eggs and sugar about 3 minutes, i used a handblender, it perfectly help

– add the wheat, mix manually

– add oil and baking soda (the baking soda is optional)

– bake for 20 minutes in 180 celcius

– sit the cake for a while

– put the nutella on the top of the cake until all surface is covered

– add sprinkles!!

Voila!!!! Even my son can’t wait to taste it!!

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