Basic life support


So, few days ago i got a certificate for something good, yes it is basic life support.

Basically, i came to a seminar about basic life support and get certificate, pretty easy, but its nice to get something after doing something

The trainer thaught about how to help unconcious people and people who choke.

Here goes for the unconcious people:

1. Check response

2. Ask for help

3. Do 30:2, 30 comppression and 2 blows, but if the people is someone you dont know just do the comppression, we dont know what (disease) he/she might have

4. Check response

5. Open the breathing way

By the way, the golden time is only for 10 minutes, if after 10 minutes the person is not responding, he/she might will not wake up again (i am not responsible for this statement, because i believe in God, if her/his number havent come up so she/he might be still have the chance)

But the important thing is very crucial to help people faster, thats why its called emergency.

For people who choke, it might happen when he talk while eating, this activity might make the food enter the wrong pipe. Its very crucial to made the person unload the stuck food, because this food make the person unable to breath.

Okay, thats what i learned. I really wish everybody is healthy, so we dont have to apply this knowledge. 

One thing i learned is fast response to emergency situation is very important

23 oktober 2017


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