ReMo cafe

ReMo Cafe
Another cafe in Bandung, Indonesia. It is located in east bandung near to Itenas and gor c-tra.

ReMo stands for resep moyang (grandma recipe). It serves many types of food.. Indonesian, western, and noodles. We can have lunch or dinner there.. And if we are not too hungry, we can order snacks and cheap beverages.

ReMo opens daily on 10 am except friday.. In friday it opens on 1 pm. Most of Indonesians usually say the Friday prayer on friday, i guess that’s why it opens later.

My husband and i were having lunch there this noon.. And we order so many things. I ordered fried rice sausage.. My husband ordered blackpepper beef with rice. We also had grilled banana, tempe mendoan, and hot tea. And we are satisfied with the taste and the service there.

The place is quite traditional, the chairs and tables are made of wood. It feels so javanese there. And it has outdoor and indoor seat.. So we can choose what we like

I’ll give you some of the pictures i captured there








My score for ReMo cafe is 4,6 from 5..

good food for good life


Siete Cafe

Siete Cafe
Siete means seven in Spanish.. And in my city is a cafe.

Another one in Bandung, located in Sumur Bandung Street.
Another nice place cafe to hang out.
The food, the place, the service..

The food.
It serves indonesian and western food. I tried my fav there.. It is chicken cordon bleu. They serve it nicely. There are 2 cut of chicken and french fries and garnish.. And it is delicious..


My husband ordered something else..a tenderloin.. He said it is delicious it is.


And the drinks..
They have quite kind of beverages.. I ordered frio lychee which is an ice tea with lychee flavor and my husband ordered hot chocolate. And it is good. Although my husband prefer hot choco in J.Co cause it has sweeter one.
Here are they and some of the menu part..




And also the place. It is quit comfy.. I took 2 photos so u can imagine..



It was my first experience there.. But i am certainly going back there.. Siete Cafe has served a tasty food, kind and quick service, quite clean, and i just really like it..

What i dont really like is it only has one toilet for ladies and i dont know how many they provide for men.. Bladder is important rite?

I guess i am gonna score it..based on me of course..

SieteCafe is 4,5 from 5

Little White

I tried another cafe..
This place called little white..
Nice place with white interior inside…
It served appetizer main course and dessert..and some great beverages..
A cozy place to hang out..

This cafe located in jalan burangrang, bandung. Not far from gatot subroto street and buah batu.

I tried hot chocolate here..and i like it..
I’ll give u some pictures so u can imagine…




This is a nice place. I guess i just add one more cafe to my favourite it!

Ngopi Doeloe (again)

I went to Ngopi Doeloe again yesterday!
It is a definitely a cozy place..
It served appetizer, main course, dessert, and snacks… And dont forget about the drinks!
Ice capuccino.. Ice chocolate.. Mango tango..
My favorites are Nasi Goreng Special (special fried rice) and ice cappucino ..oh and also it’s pisang crispy (crispy banana fried)… Yummmy…
Here are some pictures…





I am about telling u another resto in Bandung…
It’s called Redsdipo, located on Dipati Ukur street.
Their basic menu is fish and seafood..but they also have variant noodles, chinese food, and tasty appetizer like fried calamary or chicken wings..
It semi outdoor resto..and the price is good..
I’ll give u some pictures so u can imagine..





Try it! One of me n my husband choice for lunch and dinner!

Bebek Garang.. Another diner!

Bebek Garang..
One of the best duck and chicken in bandung…
And their speciality is the chilli..
It so hot..u should be xtra carefull if u dont like hot..
Here is some of the menus




Its called ayam debus, kol goreng, and bebek 70

And here is the place



They serve games too so we can play while waiting..
Nice place!

The cafe(s) i like to spend my time in Bandung..


I am Lucky…and i like to hang up..

Tonight, I’ll shared u about some nice places to hang in Bandung, Indonesia …

1. Ngopi Doeloe

Ngopi Doeloe is a cafe which has some branches, in Teuku Umar, Sultan Hasanuddin, Ranggamalela, Burangrang, Purnawarman, and Buahbatu.

What i like here, it’is quite affordable for a cafe..

The food is quite delicious..

And plus it has wi fi access (but u should have Melsahotspot login first)

We can charge our batteries if our gadget energy about to die too..


2. Cabe Rawit

Cabe Rawit located in Teuku Umar.

I guess it’s best beverage is Lychee Elixir. It’s a very tasty drink.

And this place has a good wi fi connection too.. and it’s free!


3. Rumah Kopi

It’s located in Dago.

It serves plenty types of Coffee

It’s quite nice place for hanging or have romance moment with your sweetheart..:)


In those three places we can eat, drink, while browsing, because they serve wi fi connection 🙂

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