Cat cafe


Yesterday my son and i went to cat cafe in Bintaro. We can eat snacks and drinks while petting the cat! Its so fun, even my son refuse to go home. 

We went there on happy hour so its only cost 25k idr/hour/person for being there. Meal and beverage exclude those price. 

And its worth it!! Definetely going back there again soon i have the chance.

Here are the glimpse of the very beautiful cats there. 

Those cats have lovely names too, alfonso, piko, lilo. Those cat are fat because they have been sterilized for their own good. Also they already vaccinated so its safe for us. 

The place is very clean, i think the red velvet is delicious, the waiter (or is she the owner?) is very friendly. 

 We are so happy. 

14 september 2017

A date to Indopet Expo with my Son

Last Saturday, my son and I went to Indopet Expo. It was a new and very nice experience for both of us. I heard this event from a friend, and I rushed there because I was worried the event would end soon.
We saw cats, dogs, rabbits, and many other creatures. It wasfun to know that many people love animals. In the end, we are all belong to Allah.


This dog is very relaxed out there. I dont know much about dogs, but they are obviously cute
There are fish too.. my husband has a fish, so i feel like i belong there as an animal lover wohoo
I really like this dog, he loooks so brave, isnt he?
cute pets. This cat is a part of cat cafe in Bintaro. Definetely will go there soon i have the chance with my lovely son.

I am very happy i got the chance to attend this event, new lessons for me for my son. My son was very happy at this event. Hope there are more great events we can attend.


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