Productive day


Today i decide just to stay at home with my lovely son. And i couldnt believe how productive i am today

First thing in the morning, i inflate rubber pool for me and my son

This is a gift from my lovely husband. Picture above show the pool that hasnt perfectly inflate. My son and i play there about an hour. Its so fun.

While playing at the pool, i manage to made choco cupcakes. Not good but not bad i think, my son seemed to enjoy it

And its so many i can make a cake. I add chocolate and sprinkle above the cake

After swim and cook, i saw my sewing machine. I checked pinterest to find something easy (easy to people is hard to me, my bar is very low hehe)

So i made a tote bag, actually i made 2 reversible totebags. I learn something new today, how to turn inside out the strap and how to sew the strap correctly. Check out my totebags. First totebag i use jeans and cotton, and the second i use cotton completely.

I feel very productive today. All my result is faaaaar from perfect but i still satisfied. 


20 september 2017

Samarinda Trip

We are happy family :)
We are happy family 🙂

I went to Samarinda last year! I attended Tya-Nino wedding, one of my best friends. I met Mba Ophie there, and we plus my husband went to a very big mosque there! Cool.. Samarinda’s weather is hot yet nothing beats rendezvous happinness..:)

Our trip took so loooong…. From Bandung, we took cititrans, from Jakarta we took Garuda Airlines, than we picked by Tya’s driver in Balikpapan.. and we did exactly the same looong time when we get back..except we had more experience with the traffic jam. Apparently Pertamina truck was too heavy and rolled on our way back to Balikpapan.. so it was a very tough trip yet a nice one.. we dont get to see our bestfriends everyday, do we?

Great Mosque
Great Mosque
Mba Ophie, Ka Gugun and Me
Mba Ophie, Ka Gugun and Me

Thank you for the invitation dear Tya!!

Tya and Nino's wedding day
Tya and Nino’s wedding day


seize the day, respect yesterday, hope for tomorrow…

be grateful for everything..


Singapore food I ate

I took some pics of food when i had my vacation..
A fried rice, hot tea, muffin, lychee tea, and exy aqua..
Here are they..




Many people dont appreciate what they get.. Like a simple fried rice or water. But when its harder to get, it becomes treasures.

appreciate everything.. And you’ll be happy


I am in the mood of storytelling, so guess I will share my story now.

I would like to tell my vacation story this month. I visited Singapore on March 5-7th, 2013. I’ll tell u all the details and itinerary.


For preparation stage, I searched airplane ticket and place to stay in Singapore. I searched on some site like and

I also browsed some sites for hotel/hostel booking, like and

We tried to be so economical, so we chose the cheapest one for our trip. Oh yes, I went with my husband, so it just like a honeymoon to us (again :p).

So we booked Air Asia for the airplane and Fragrance Pearl for the Hotel. It was so cheap for us, we spent IDR 1.870.000,- (193,04 USD) and IDR 700.000 (72,26 USD) for the hotel. Though the hotel is located on Red District, but since we are husband and wife so we fell it wont be a problem.

After booked the tickets, we change our IDR to SGD, We get 1 SGD for every 7808 IDR. SGD is quite expensive for Indonesians, but it’s okay. We change our IDR then we got 400 SGD for our trip.

Beside the tickets and the money, we prepared another necessary things like passport (check your passport valid, some immigration refused passport which has only 6 months validity left). We prepared clothes, undies, jackets (although they said it is hot in Singapore, airplane air conditioner is still cold), and snacks.

March 5, 2013

We are located on Bandung, and our airplane tickets are JKT-SIN so we should took public transport to Jakarta first. We were living at 06.00 am from our home and arrived on the CITITRANS pool at 07.40 (if you want to take cititrans from Bandung Jakarta and vice versa you can browse cititrans and contact them). It costs 115.000 IDR (more or less 11 USD)  from Ciwalk Pool to Soekarno Hatta International Airport for each. We arrived in Jakarta at 10.40 am. We directly taken to Terminal 3 where Air Asia located. Our flight was at 14.00 so we still have time to lunch and check in. There are not too many restaurants on Terminal 3, I just found BIM Chicken, Bakmi GM, Rotiboy, J.CO, and some stores.

We checked in after we ate using the automatic machine provided by airasia. It made check in a lot easier, especially when you do not have baggage. We only brought backpack and smaller bag with us. Then we entered the “departure” department. We should pass the immigration department before boarding, they checked our ticket, passport, and gave a stamp on the passport. Then we board and fled to Singapore.

We arrived at 17.10 Singapore time (since Indonesian and Singapore time is one hour different so it feels longer). Changi Airport is so big and modern, but unfortunately some of the toilets are a little bit dirty, maybe i was just unlucky that the toilet i chose was used by some irresponsible woman. There was free wi fi on Changi airport so it wont be so boring waiting there. After we left the airplane we need to got in line for immigration check. They asked me how long I’ll stay there. After that, we took the skytrain to the MRT Station. Our first destination was our hotel Fragrance Hotel Pearl which located on Geylang lor 14. So we took MRT to Aljunied station, to get there we need to change platform on Tanah Merah station.

And apparently our hotel is quite distance away from Aljunied, so we took a 20 minutes walk. I guess most of Singaporeans walk many times a day, from a station to another station from a junction to another junction, you shall prepare your legs if u want to spend your vacation there.

So we arrived at the hotel, put our heavy backpacks and continued to walk back to the Aljunied MRT Station again. I have a friend there, she took me to Orchard, so we chose Somerset MRT station for our destination. Oh yes we shall buy MRT Card if we want to take MRT. Every stations sell it and the cost depends on our distance.

Tiket MRT

We had dinner in a place on the mall. I dont recall the mall but we ate on PastaMania. The price is a bit high for me, since I never had spaghetti for 8 SGD (56000 IDR). Then we were walked surrounding the city and went back to the hotel. We were to tired and we didnt want to get lost there. My friend said that the last MRT is 11.30 PM and it’s 10.00 AM.



March 6 2013
We wake at 0600 am, and slept more till 0800 am. We prepared our self ate some of our snacks and started the journey. The first destination was Sentosa Island. There are some nice place there, we took some pictures everywhere. There are Universal Studio, and many amusement things there. We didnt enter to the USS tough, it was to expensive and we didnt want to spend our limited time on a place with unlimited things. From aljunied station we took MRT to the Harbour Front, then we go to Vivo City Mall. There are a broadwalk to Sentosa Island, you can also take cable cars or skytrain if you want. It costs 1 SGD to entered Sentosa Island from broadwalk, but 3,5 SGD if we used the trains, so good saving and healthier too.

We played luge and skyline there.And we took the free skytrain to every station.IMG_0858

After finishing the Sentosa ISland vacation, we went to the Bugis. Our MRT stopped on Bugis Junction, we had our lunch there. It costs 4,5 SGD for Nasi Lemak at the Bugis Junction foodcourt. And we spent 1,5 SGD minimum for a 600 ml aqua. Quite a price. Then we went to Bugis Street which sell cheap things as gifts. We bought 3 t shirts for 10 SGD. Never know when the T Shirts last.

After shopped in Bugis, we went to Merlion Park so we took MRT to Raffless Place. After walk and walk, we came to the Merlion Statue finally, yeaa!!Merlion located near Esplanade and fullerton hotel (They said it is the first hotel on Singapore). It’s so big and many superior cars parked there.Woow,,IMG_0856

After that, we confused where to go, we were to tired to go to another great place. So we went to orchard again and ate on Lucky Plaza. Lucky Plaza has many foreign stores and a little bit traditional but it stands beside the giant malls. Lucky Plaza was big too tough. We spent 5 SGD for every food we ate.

Then we came back to the hotel and tired and slept..What a day.

March 07,2013
We wake at 0700, prepared to came home! Our plane was scheduled at 0920 Singapore time. We directly went to MRT Station and headed to Changi Airport. We  took the skytrain to Terminal 1, processed our documents to get stamp, entered the departure department and ready to board.


The plane was on time so we entered it and finally back to Jakarta!


Pangalengan, Bandung
Today my father took me to his farm in Pangalengan. It is in Bandung but so far away from home. It is a looooong and scary way to get there. But the journey quite worth it when we arrived Pangalengan. Clean air, natural scenery, big cows, pretty goats (seems weird, but ottawa type is quite pretty), people with basa sunda (a language i understand but i dont know how to use it), etc etc

My father is currently build a home here, so he and mom could use it privately.. The main purpose is the bathroom.. But my father didnt just build a bathroom he build a complete home. Sometimes i think about his desire.. I guess he wanted to be a structure engineer..or something like that. He built home in moh toha, than in haurgeulis than in baleendah than he built farm in pangalengan than the mosque and now build home again.

I dont know what to do in Pangalengan.. Internet connection isnt so good here.. I planned to sightseeing and walking in the farm, maybe take some pictures.. But was rain.. Surely this pangalengan get colder and colder..

And i end up here, blabbering on my blog which i dont know whether i can post it or not ( due to internet connection)

Bad booking time..

So, here what’s happen..

i booked a holiday ticket for April 2013 by Batavia Air (Indonesia airline company)

and today it turns out that the company is bankrupt..

hope i can get another least refund for my booking..

i hope this is work.. (how to refund the ticket in Indonesian Language)

Batavia Air Refund

i shall book another believable airline.. and knowing it’s condition..

a new lesson i got..

Ciwidey, Bandung..

I’d like to tell about one of my honeymoon package..

It’s on Ciwidey’s a lake on South Bandung, Indonesia..

It is very beautiful and clean up there..

But never think to swim’s forbidden! We just enjoy the scenery..

Nice place to refresh from our busy life, pre-wedding, or even honeymoon..

You’d like the weather clean..and oh yes..bring your’s clean but cold out there..

These are the photos..


(taken by Me and Mr. Guntara)

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