Basic life support


So, few days ago i got a certificate for something good, yes it is basic life support.

Basically, i came to a seminar about basic life support and get certificate, pretty easy, but its nice to get something after doing something

The trainer thaught about how to help unconcious people and people who choke.

Here goes for the unconcious people:

1. Check response

2. Ask for help

3. Do 30:2, 30 comppression and 2 blows, but if the people is someone you dont know just do the comppression, we dont know what (disease) he/she might have

4. Check response

5. Open the breathing way

By the way, the golden time is only for 10 minutes, if after 10 minutes the person is not responding, he/she might will not wake up again (i am not responsible for this statement, because i believe in God, if her/his number havent come up so she/he might be still have the chance)

But the important thing is very crucial to help people faster, thats why its called emergency.

For people who choke, it might happen when he talk while eating, this activity might make the food enter the wrong pipe. Its very crucial to made the person unload the stuck food, because this food make the person unable to breath.

Okay, thats what i learned. I really wish everybody is healthy, so we dont have to apply this knowledge. 

One thing i learned is fast response to emergency situation is very important

23 oktober 2017


Productive day


Today i decide just to stay at home with my lovely son. And i couldnt believe how productive i am today

First thing in the morning, i inflate rubber pool for me and my son

This is a gift from my lovely husband. Picture above show the pool that hasnt perfectly inflate. My son and i play there about an hour. Its so fun.

While playing at the pool, i manage to made choco cupcakes. Not good but not bad i think, my son seemed to enjoy it

And its so many i can make a cake. I add chocolate and sprinkle above the cake

After swim and cook, i saw my sewing machine. I checked pinterest to find something easy (easy to people is hard to me, my bar is very low hehe)

So i made a tote bag, actually i made 2 reversible totebags. I learn something new today, how to turn inside out the strap and how to sew the strap correctly. Check out my totebags. First totebag i use jeans and cotton, and the second i use cotton completely.

I feel very productive today. All my result is faaaaar from perfect but i still satisfied. 


20 september 2017

Diy: sling bag


Hai my new lesson is making super simple sling bag. I made it from canvas fabric just like in the photo

The inner is usual cotton fabric. I used a 20 cm zipper, and webbing as the sling. 

First i sew the zipper into the fabric from the inside. I sew both side of the zipper of course. Turn it inside outside and put the webbing as the sling. I still learn to sew and write (obviously). But i quite satisfied with this project. 


19 september 2017

Diy: toddler pants


So i learn to sew a lot.. and most of the time i failed. But i get up again and again, sometimes i get up the next day, sometimes many months after hohoho

I made a toddler pants for my son

Its made of soft jeans (because my sewing machine is only portable one not the heavy duty)

I got the pattern from my mother, she is so talented. I love her but i dont have the courage to say it, sorry little segway.

I made those pants only from half meter of fabric, thread (i should have use the dark one though), and elastic rubber

The tools i need were sewing machine, the pattern, scissors, and patient! Very important for a sloppy like me.

I just put the pattern on the fabric cut it out, and sew the part. Last thing is to put the elastic rubber on it waist. And done. 

I realize the sewing are messy, the thread is crooked, i was impatient etc etc

But in my defense my goal now is just to keep doing something at least once a week and write it as a memory later. A memory to remind me someday, that i try to learn something. Sometimes i feel like a failure who cannot do anything, even i cant peel a mango the right way. But this is my way to accept myself that i try to learn.

17 september 2017

Woman bag by Lucky


Today i learn to make a woman bag. Its very simple bag, but since i was impatient and sloppy its very challenging for me. 

Actually i just combine the inner and outer of the bag, fold the top of the bag, and sew the strap. The hardest part is to sew the strap, because it was too thick and my sewing machine cant handle it. So i finished it by hand sew. 

Even its very far from good or tidy, i am pretty happy because i did it. You know, sometimes we get the satisfaction after finish something, even the result is not as we expected. I just hope i dont stop to learn, write, love, and pray

14 september 2017

Lucky does cook: failed arem arem


Today i learned how to make arem arem. And like you can see in the title, i failed.

Arem arem is mix of a very smooth rice and vegetables in a leaf. 

Its very delicious, so i attempted to make it. 

The ingredients are: rice, coconut milk, carrot, onion and garlic as the filling

Its actually very simple to make it: i just need to boiled the rice and coconut milk until it become rice. Than fry the onion, garlic, and carrot. Then combine those two on banana leaves. And steam about 15 minutes. And its done. 

I think my mistake is i didnt steam it in a right time, so the rice still looks like rice not like “lontong” (pardon, i dont know what lontong in english). 

I failed but thats okay, i can evaluate my mistake because i have try. 

Arem arem

14 september 2017

Cat cafe


Yesterday my son and i went to cat cafe in Bintaro. We can eat snacks and drinks while petting the cat! Its so fun, even my son refuse to go home. 

We went there on happy hour so its only cost 25k idr/hour/person for being there. Meal and beverage exclude those price. 

And its worth it!! Definetely going back there again soon i have the chance.

Here are the glimpse of the very beautiful cats there. 

Those cats have lovely names too, alfonso, piko, lilo. Those cat are fat because they have been sterilized for their own good. Also they already vaccinated so its safe for us. 

The place is very clean, i think the red velvet is delicious, the waiter (or is she the owner?) is very friendly. 

 We are so happy. 

14 september 2017

New lesson: gardening


Today i learn (not so) new lesson. Gardening!!

I plant chilli, carrot, sunflower, etc

Day 1

I really hope those plants grow as i expected. Last year i tried to grow some plants but i failed. The reason of my failure likely because i use too many seeds. I evaluate my mistake and try one more time. Finger crossed!!

14 september 2017

My first lesson

Good day!

What is your plan?

What is your purpose of life?

Many of you obviously heard this kind of questions. Sometimes it becomes more and more obnoxious, isnt it?

How about me?not that you’re asking but i just want to share mine.

I wanna be happy

Is that too much too ask?

And there so many steps i have to take to be happy.. so many ability i have to learn to reach my happiness goal

And now i am learning.. many things actually..

I learn to grow a plant

I learn to speak another language

I learn to cook

I learn to invest and sell

I learn to sew..

Okay.. i know thats so many, how could i? Well it better to knowing that i cant after trying than do nothing at all rite?

So sewing.. i am a terible sewer!! I made pants, pillow cover, little pouch, bags, but most of them is assymetrical. Its like a kindergarten kid try to do something. Sometimes i laughed sometimes i cried with my results. Sometimes i go to fast sometimes i take few steps back. Maybe its naive, but i just think i still have hopes. That is something i count on to this day. 

Okay i wanna share one of my sewing result here, 

That is a pillow cover. I know its simple and doesnt look good. But i try anyway. And i still learning now.

Keep learning, don’t stop trying.

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