I am going to the movies… Finally…

Kids movie, but it’s still count rite?

So last Saturday, we went to Cinemaxx Junior in Lippo Village.. the first and only (for now) movie theater that being provided for kids. I have 14 months old kid and i am a stay at home mom without help so i never watch movies at cinema since he’s born.

Knowing there is a cinema for kids made me pretty excited. The movie was ice age 5, i am not very into watching cartoon on theater, but that’s the only movie for kids there. No way they play suicide squad on a place full with kids.

The theater is very child friendly.. but maybe not so much for 15 mos kids, its suit for kids around 5-8 year better in my opinion. It has giant slides (yes, more than one, and me, the mother much more excited than the kid), ball pit, and some gymnastic stations. The cinema was opened an hour before the film start, so kids can playing around while waiting. If you are an impatient person, do not go here, it’s so crowded and noisy, but if you want to spoil your kid with slides and movie this can be your option.

I went there on weekend, it costs 100k idr (about usd 10) for a person. So it’s kinda expensive to me (SAHM, with no paycheck). The small size popcorn and drink costs about 35k IDR, well this is quite cheap compare to other movie theater.

So how was the first time my kid going to the movie? It didn’t turn so well, since me and my husband (mostly him) should walk around the place to company my 14mos kid around the place. And when the film started, my kid is tired and of course cranky. Luckily he is too tired and slept. Yihaa!! So i did watch the movie from the beginning to the end. The movie? yah not bad, but i think it’s not that great, just like previous ice age movies. typical i said. But everyone has a different taste about everything, so you might like or dislike this one. For me it’s 3 from 5.

Lesson learned:

my kid is not ready yet for movie in theater yet. He doesn’t like dark place and instantly bored. So if i want to watch movie, just wait until my husband come home from work and take care of our kid. But if i do that, ask my tired husband to take care our kid while i am watching movies, what kind of mother and wife am i?




The Impossible (the movie-spoilers alert)


So i watched a cinema yesterday called “The Impossible”

It’s about a Tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004..

This reminds me, that the very related Tsunami happen in my country too, Indonesia.

Tsunami hit Aceh in 2004..and it relates to 15 many victims, so sad..

Okay..back to the Impossible..

The Impossible is a film that tells us about a family who spend holiday on Thailand. The family contains of a mom, dad, and three great boys. They spend their holiday on some resort called Orchid.

It’s a very beautiful place, and good holiday pick..but not at Christmas on 2004.

On December 26, 2004, A very huge wave came frome the sea and hit the land..Huge wave as we know as Tsunami. It swoop all the things and people near it, and made a big chaos.

Everyone is scared, everyone is crying, screaming, trying to run..

This very family is separated one to another..

the mother got very huge gash..and separate from his husband and 2 of his sons..

this film is gonna make u cry..a lot..(it did too me)

even though by some impossible way they (the family) find each other..

This is one of great film ever made..

and it’s based on true sorry..Cool One..

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