i want too many, aren’t i?


i think i am in my second teenager (But old) phase in life. I want so many things, while 10 years ago i dont even know what i want. I want to learn and able to speak many languages, life healthy by doing sports, travel the world, earn money so i can secure my older self life my kid education, learn islam better, have more friends that really friend, less on my mind and the list still go on. I even have not add sewing and gardening to the list.

where should i start

should i chase all of them

or should i just choose the best three

i dont know what to do


having many dreams always better than not having one right?

so i still have the urge to live this life

and grateful


Productive day


Today i decide just to stay at home with my lovely son. And i couldnt believe how productive i am today

First thing in the morning, i inflate rubber pool for me and my son

This is a gift from my lovely husband. Picture above show the pool that hasnt perfectly inflate. My son and i play there about an hour. Its so fun.

While playing at the pool, i manage to made choco cupcakes. Not good but not bad i think, my son seemed to enjoy it

And its so many i can make a cake. I add chocolate and sprinkle above the cake

After swim and cook, i saw my sewing machine. I checked pinterest to find something easy (easy to people is hard to me, my bar is very low hehe)

So i made a tote bag, actually i made 2 reversible totebags. I learn something new today, how to turn inside out the strap and how to sew the strap correctly. Check out my totebags. First totebag i use jeans and cotton, and the second i use cotton completely.

I feel very productive today. All my result is faaaaar from perfect but i still satisfied. 


20 september 2017

Samarinda Trip

We are happy family :)
We are happy family 🙂

I went to Samarinda last year! I attended Tya-Nino wedding, one of my best friends. I met Mba Ophie there, and we plus my husband went to a very big mosque there! Cool.. Samarinda’s weather is hot yet nothing beats rendezvous happinness..:)

Our trip took so loooong…. From Bandung, we took cititrans, from Jakarta we took Garuda Airlines, than we picked by Tya’s driver in Balikpapan.. and we did exactly the same looong time when we get back..except we had more experience with the traffic jam. Apparently Pertamina truck was too heavy and rolled on our way back to Balikpapan.. so it was a very tough trip yet a nice one.. we dont get to see our bestfriends everyday, do we?

Great Mosque
Great Mosque
Mba Ophie, Ka Gugun and Me
Mba Ophie, Ka Gugun and Me

Thank you for the invitation dear Tya!!

Tya and Nino's wedding day
Tya and Nino’s wedding day


seize the day, respect yesterday, hope for tomorrow…

be grateful for everything..


Random Thought

So many great news today from my friends. most of them having baby on the way. i am happy for them but part of me ridiculously envy to them.. I had misscariage almost 6 months ago.. it s not a very long time. But why are so hard to be patient and confident. Graduation, married and having baby are not competition, yet envy still stands. I am sorry Lord, i know everything is okay in the end.

thank you Allah for all i’ve got.

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