The mentalist

The mentalist is one of us tv shows  played by Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. Its about a mentalist who lost his wife and child to a cruel serial killer because his bad words on media. Its a 7 seasons of great shows mostly about chasing bad guys with the most purpose is to revenge his wife and child death to Red John. 

at first i thought it just a typical tv shows, but when i dont have nothing to do, and binge watching this serial. And i was definetely hooked. Its a very good show i think, Baker and Tunney is a great actor. This is a recommended tv show, at least from me.


The mentalist

Cast: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang

Length: 7 seasons

Genre: police tv shows

Rainbow Connection

I just listened to a song from bunheads series. I like the song.. And i searched the lyric and i didnt understand what it is.. But i cried.


I surely will find out what that song about.. But i guess it has a great meaning. I love it.

Credit to: for the lyric

TV Shows that looks alike

Along February I watche many TV Shows. And I guess some of them are looks alike. I didnt say that a show copy others, just want to say I guess audience like this kind of show. And what kind of TV Shows I am talking about?

if your answer is about detectives, murder investigations, and federal agents.. You got it right!

I watched Law and Order, CSI, The Glades, Perception, Castle, bones, NCIS, The Mentallist are showinf about those things. It played so mant times on my subscribed TV.. Even CSI has some different brands like CSI Miami, CSI Vegas, CSI New York, and God knows what other names.

I guess those shows have a great rating.. So it played more and have many types. Most of them have many seasons. Isnt it a high success?

Learn from this thing, if u want to be success, observe what the audience might like.

learn your audience and surrounding before make a huge decision


Chuck was one of the TV show originally aired on NBC. It’s about a man named Chuck Bartowski who work on Buy Moore (a big store) as an IT Guy. He were a Stanford student who expelled because of the things he did not do. Chuck was protected by CIA agent named Sarah Walker and NSA agent named John Casey because he is considered an asset to the country. The asset is a superpower harddrive which locates on his brain which he got accidently.

Chuck series has 5 (five) seasons from 2007-2012. It was almost cancelled on third season, but it’s incredible fans made it happen to the fifth season. Chuck genre is comedies, struggle, and drama. It’s hillarious yet still has meaning and fun to watch.

Chuck was played by Zachary Levi, a funny guy who like to joke (based on his twitter account) also a dubber from Tangled/ Rapunzel. The CIA agent was played by beautiful Yvonne Strahovski, an Australian actress who play on Killer Elite and I, Frankestein too. And John Casey was played by Adam Baldwin. Sarah Lancaster and Ryan McPartlin also reaccuring actor on Chuck. Matt Bomer also showed on some episodes.

I Iike Chuck because it made me laughed yet it made me cried too. I really like the first four seasons, but got a little bit dissapointed because of the fifth season is too short and didn’t end like i wanted, but still good though.

Here are some the pictures from chuck ( the photos arent belong to me, i got it from the chuck original and fan sites)


my score for chuck is 4,5 from 5

i don’t run, i stalk my prey
-John Casey

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